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Bali Diving

Bali is situated on 8 degree southern latitude and 115 degree estern longitude. Along with 13,7 tousend near islands formed Republic of Indonesia, the biggest archipelago in the world. Bali is the westernmost island from Nussa Tengra archipelago, sepparated from East Java by 2,5 kilometer wide strip of sea.

Bali is calm place, divided over three small bays. There is perfect tourist infrastructure in Indonesia.
Bali Diving
Island attract a lot of tourist for the sake of plenty of tourist attraction. It look like Agia Pelagia, but beaches are not as beauful as there, and there is no big hotels here as well. There is no problem to find free rooms for rent and modest hotels. The most beautiful beach called Rejem – is as matter of fact surrounded by mountains emerged from sea, but during the top of season is hardly possible to find a free piece of beach. Bali’s landscapes are extremly differ, there are beautiful beaches, lowlands and picturesque mountain lakes in the midest of top of the peaks. Indonesia is one of the most interesting and the biggest place to dive on the globe. Bali is located in the middle of archipelago, so that it is a perfect place to start dive – there is differ bottof of the sea topography, so that it is worth to see it. Indonesia is still one of the most mysterious and pathless places. It is consider the best place to dive. Beginning od comercial, underwater activity in this country are known for only 20 years, so that new places to dive are still discoverd. They are really amazing. In this climatic zone underwater fauna and flora are really lush, and fans of discovering its wealtch can dive in clear, blue water discovering secrets of shipwrecks. It is believed, that there are about 10%-20% of incorrupt by civilization coral reef in the whole Indonesian archipelago. Bali Diving are really fantastic here-beautiful, colorful reef inhabited by plenty of fish species and crustaceans, because of undiscoverd caves and plenty of shipwreck it is a huge entertainment for diving fans. Southern coast offer perfect conditions to surf-the best surrounded places are Sanur, Kuta i Denpasar. This beautiful, green island offer rich back of equipment and places to spend nights for diving lovers. Around Bali diving are plenty of dive places, from steeply walls around Manjungan island with transparent up to 50 meters, through famous Tulamben at the foot od Gunung Agung volcano with black volcanic coast and famous all over the world SS Liberty shipwreck from World War Two, to dive in sea stream near Nusa Penida, where sea streams reach speed up to 4 knots.Amazinf places to dive, delightful richness of fauna and flora are also in Padang Bai, in the vicnity of Nusa Penida island. In the waters around Bali live rare specimen of fish called Sunfish.