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Curacao Diving

Curcao is one of the tropical island of Duth Antilles archipelago. It is situated on Carribbean Sea near the West coast of Venezuela. There is tropical climat on Curcao, ease by north-eastern trade winds. Island is also famous for Curcao liqueur. Tourism is expanding well here. Temming with life coral reef, multitude of fauna and flora, and crystalline clear water make this place perfect to dive. Vissibility in water amounted up to 50 meters. Impression after stay on this island remains unforgettable. In coastal water you can encounter with going round and round enormous dasyatidae, which activity attract not only divers, but also nosy horse markerel. It is possible to meet shark and beautiful, varied types of fish. Offers for divers are very big.
Curacao Diving

There are over 100 diving places, 60 of them are situated in the coastal zone, and most of them are available from land. The biggest impression are deliverd by underwater park located in southern Curacao, between Princess Beach Resort and eastern edge of island. In this curacao diving paradise you can find hotel Habitat Curacao with diver base and wonderful artificial reef, where you can get after massive wooden bridge ended by stable stairs. In Curacao waters occured snaills represent by varied forms, more or less colorful representative of local invertebrate fauna. Here reef distinguish splendour various underwater specious-from corals, through fabulous, colorful kinds of fish and other creatures. Size of some barracudas encoruage to take some photos. Huge, colorful clusters of fish, full of grace gorgons, vivids lionfishes, big spiny lobsters, nosy apogons called cardinalfishes use clever camuflage composed of yellow and red strips to hide on a coral background. It inflict, that curacao diving here is really wonderful experience. It is worth to see Willemstad port. Big, green muraenidae live here. In hotel complex Curacao diving base Ocean Encounters is built-in, which few time per day expeditions composed of big ocean-going boats are organised to nearby diving places in the open waters. It is an opportunity to hire all diving eqipment. Interesting destinations of this expeditions are shipwreck for example: Tow-Boat or Superior Producer. First of them is not too big – it is an wreck of tugboat, that lays in the Caracas Bay. It is unprecedented beautiful and is situated 10 meters underwater. Second one is fully overgrown by corals and it is the most interesting object on the whole Caribeean.