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Egypt Diving

Egypt is an Arab country situated in north-eastern Africa, on Mediterranean Se, between Libya, Israel. The most popular places are big health resort like Hurghada i Sharm el Sheikh and smaller, but also attractive places - Asuan, Dahab, El Gouna i Luxor. These places are famous for possibility to practise water sports. Fans of this kind of sport could go water skiing, drive scooter and motorboat, or dive and admire variegated coral reef and underwater life. One of the attraction here is voyage to Coral Island-Giftun with opportunity to hire eqipment (flippers, mask, tube). During voyage unique underwater world of Red Sea diving could be admired. There is an opportunity to try snorkelling ( diving with mask, tube and flippers) and see underwater coral gardens, fishes and see animals.
Egypt Diving

By now Sharm el Shaikh is the most important holiday place in the basin of Aqabq bay. Sharm is also world Mekka for diving fans, because of underwater park Ras Muhamed. There is an offer to dive with sharks in Shark’a Bay or evening quad’s ride by the moon glow. It is worth to see Moses mountain, wchich is situated next to hotel in St. Catarine. It is recommended for diving fans. Red Sea is full of various species of plants and animals, wchich can’t be find elsewhere all over the world. Diving infrastructure in Egypt are hundrets of luxury, fast boats started everyday from ports to diving.. Warm, clear water and richness of nature world under the surface of sea cause, that a lot of people started their adventure with diving right here. Egypt diving attract not only recreational divers but also technical divers (topography of sea bottom abound with plenty of depth for example Blue Hole in Dahab), and also underwater-photographers, treasure-seekers and hydrobiologists. It is possible to dive with dolphins, sea turtles, sharks and see one of the most famous shipwreck in the world – Thistlegorm, see coral reef by the Tiran island. Diving between drifting corals and friendly sharks are really joyful and exciting. This lagoon is popular place to snorkelling. Plenty of places to dive and exquisite underwater world cause, that Egypt is unique – worth to visit and dive into water surrounded its coast.