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Hawaii Diving

Hawaii is one of the most isolated archipelago situated on Pacific Ocean. Theese islands, 2000 kilometers away from coast, are inseparatable part of United States. It is perfect place to rest with wonderful klimat and comfort conditions. Besides opportunity spend comortable holidays, archipelago offer also a lot of attraction for tourists with lust for real adventure. Dozens of islands, attols of volcanic orgin extended for almost 2500 kilometers. The most important of them are Oahu with capitol in Honolulu, Hawaii, Maui,Kahoolawe, Lanai, Molokai, Kauai, Niihau. Hawaii are called the Aloha State or rainbow state – first of all because of azure ocean water surround sand beaches. Island is even more exotic because of active volcan, beautiful green valleys, waterfalls and picturesque steep clifs.
Hawaii Diving

These island are also famous for interesting places to dive. Local coral reef teeming with life and is amazing place for photographers and rare animals trackers. There are lot of fauna and flora species. Hawaii are also famous for whales, which can be observe especially during winter. Kilometers if flawlesss reef, tropical fishes, so that it is obvious that Hawaii are on the top of the list of places, which divers want to visit. There are perfekt conditions to dive for experienced divers and novice amatours. There is ideal, comprehensive back to dive. Unique sea animals, colorful reef, amazing visibility, and profesional places to hire eqipment and school, where you can buy lessons. One of attraction, which Hawaii offer are lasted for 5 hour voyage from Maalaea marina to famous sunken Molokini crater, where you can get by catamaran, and everyone are eqipped with mask, tube and flippers, so you can swim with tube at will. In Hanauma bay on Oahu underwater fauna has developed especially corals, and along with them whole group of animals and plants. For them reef are wonderful, natural shelter. One of the biggest rarity of voyage is opportunity to take part in hawaii diving both classical with cylinder and snuba diving.Snuba is little pontoon with bottle of compressed air, which are connected to several people supervised by instructor. Bottom of the sea are coverd with corals of various types. There are far more shapely and colorful, but Hawaiian reef delighed with its richness of fish. They are attract our attention. Yellow, blue, pink and black, dotted and striped, besides black sea uchins with red, thick and blunt spikes, which look like pencils. Exotic views, unique specimens of fauna and flora delighted visitors of unterwater travels.