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How to start diving ?

First of all you need to get some abilities, wchich means sing up for a course. Courses in foreign diving bases reminds driving license course. They last up to week and surly do not give use as many knowledge as "basin" course. They also do not prepare us as good as "basin" course. However for people, wchich feel confidently in water such foreign course may be enough to start diving carrer. You will get experience during another dive, wchich better make in company of someone more experienced person.

How To Start Diving

Where diving could be learnt ?

In recent years a lot of diving schools, that teaching according to various standards has rose up, so that there is very big choice. At the moment, you can train for basic level in following diving organization: CMAS, LOK, NAUI, PADI, SDI, SSI. Each of them has their own teaching methodology, so it is worth to analize individual curriculum in order to choose the best. However the most important in course choice is -not WHERE but- WHO (instructor) will teach us. Choosing diving school the best option is to ask people, who dive for several years. Theese people are probably well-versed where is good to train, and where not.