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Mexico Diving

Mexico is a country in North America, that border on USA (from the North), and Guatemala and Belize from the South. From the West its territory is limited by Pacific Ocean, and from the East by the Caribbean sea and Mexican Bay. It is very diverse country. Tourists travel to Mexico by diffrent reasons. One of them for desert, burned by the sun landscapes, huge mountain rages and active volcano, the other one for nature: jungle full of animals or surrounding Oceans teeming with life. On the ranking lists, one of the best place to dive all over the world – often situated in the first ten item – is Cozumel. It has only one but extremly nice city San Miquel de Cozumel, jungle where trance of ancient civilization of Maya and – what is most important - the best acces to second from the top biggest coral reef in the world!
Mexico Diving

Add fine dive infrastructure, impressive packet of 15 dives during 6 days, hotel base, delicious cuisine, smiling inhabitants and accessible price. The best time to dive is from April to July, the best visibility, calm sea, higher air temperature, no heavy showers. Good time is also from December to February. The worst time is from September to October. There are the best cave diving in the world in Juktan, where underground rivers and caves with clear water offer divers unlimited visibility in significant depth. There are such richness of coral and fish of Carbieean in the surrounding reefs and in nice temperature. With a bit of luck between half of June and September whale sharks can be found. Dive in The Cortez Sea guarantee superb adventure and opportunity to meet huge fish. Sharks and manaties on the Socorro islands are almost certain. During safari even sea lions can be admire. There is Ortuga reef on the Riviera coast, where turtles can be observe. Canion Land is a place distintive beautiful landscapes of underwater canions. Coral reef is in very good virgin condition. The other one, worth to visit by divers place is Cedam Caves – many varied sea caves, where over the reef little fish like Blue Tang, French Angelfish, Grunt, Queen Triggerfish can be observed. It is also perfekt place for night diving. It is worth to see shipwreck of sunken in 1995 military ship, that lay in the depth of 20-30 meters. Cenote Dos Ojos is hidden in the jungle cave composed of long tunnels, full of stalagmite and stalactite. All attractions offer in Mexico diving are amazing and worth to see surly.