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Palau Diving

The Republik of Palau is a country situated in the Pacific Ocean between Indonesia and Philippines. It is including over 200 islands compose with coral reef and volcanic rocks. It is one of the most spectakular place to dive all over the world, with various difficulity levels. It is called the first miracle. Hundreds of egzotic species of plants and animals living in intact reef, vertical walls, underwater tunnels connect inlands lakes with oceans, where live rare species of jellyfishes, anemones and soft coral, it cause, that it is really paradise. Visibility underwater is even 40 meters depending on season. In rainy months (from September to November) visibility is only 15-30 meters because of sediment flowing from islands to Ocean. Water temperature during year is on stable level 27-29 centrigrade.
Palau Diving

The island of Palau is a fascinating place for diving fans because of wrecks of warships, seaplanes, planes from World War II, which can be find in the depth. There are also perfect conditions for sharks fans. You can also find whale shark and salty water crocodile, but to see these incredible animals you will need a bit of luck. However gray reef sharks prowling here in packs of 30-40 members. You can find them during all dives. Huge gorgons and big protruding for 1,5 meter soft corals with white, purplish red, purple color can be found in Palau diving. Often you can meet turtles, muraenidae, humphead wrasse and even sea snakes. The most interesting places to dive on Palau are Jellyfish Lake on Eil Malk island. Only jellyfish live in this lake. It is deffinitly a place, that must be seen. Moreover Blue Corner – triangular cape with flat top, where lush grow soft corals. There is amazing abundance of underwater world, dozens to unique sharks hunting on hunreds fish of several types. There are Blue Holes near – four “holes” in the reef. Situated in close distance chimneys with 3 meters deep. It lead to huge underwater cave, where you can admire stalactite hunging down from the ceiling formed from corals. 30 meters underwater sandy beach can be found, you can meet them slipping coral sharks. Other places, which are worth to see are New Drop Off, Trutle Cove, Siaes Tunnel, Ulong Channel. Fabulous conditions here in this region attract plenty of underwater diving fans. Such diverse of fauna and flora in one place can be find nowhere else all over the world. For amatours of this sports it is first place, that must be seen.