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Snorkelling was invented for people, who for some reasons can’t dive. It is some kind of swim on the surface of water with mask, tube and flippers. Thank to this kind of surface diving it is possible to see beautiful Coral Reef and exotic fish without necessity of go deep into water.

Interesting places to snorkelling can be found in the Red Sea in following towns: Taba, Nuweiba, Dahab, Sharm El Sheikh, El Gouna, Hurghada, Safaga,
Quseir, Marsa Alam. Each of then offering intresting attraction. Plenty of diving and snorkellings schools offer hiring eqipment and teach of this sport. Hotel-base is very rich, so that everyone can find perfect conditions. In some places reef reach the coast and able to wonderful snorkelling! It is important to find places, where sea streams are little, and water is calm and clear. To fully delight of snorkelling, it is necessary to learn some behave underwater. It is concern animals-behave and also other snorkellin people. Sea animas schould not be touch, because they could burn, bite, prick or string when they feel scared. Main rule of behaving underwater is to observe. It is possible to quiet admire beauty of underwater world. It is exited to snorkelling during night with flashlight, because water animalcules, sqids swim to the light and animals, which live only during night can be seen. Water is cooler during night, and underwater world is calm and quiet. It is not good idea to feed animalcule, collect shell or other precious treasures. It is necessary to be careful and not to violate coral reef, unfortunetly it happens quite often. Everything in the sea live. Even though something look like tough rock, in fact is living coral. Reef is formed from billions microscopic animalcule, which are coverd by hard skeleton. Some of them are soft and looks like plants but it is animals too.

Three main rules of snorkelling in the Red Sea: living coral reef are dying, when they are touched, protect the reef, do not collect them, do not take anything and do not left everything in the sea. Forewarning – one of the most popular place to see reef – Samadai were closed because of big destruction made by tourists. It is hardly recommended to spend free time on snorkelling. It is very relaxing, full of emotion and exotic underwater sights activity.