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Tenerife Diving

Tenerife is the biggest and the most beautiful island from the Canary Island. It has very diverse landscape. Wonderfull flower gardens and neat green parks are blended into rocky mountains. There are mild climate all the time in Tenerife. You can find beaches with the marvellous, calm coves in the South of Tenerife, however the North coast are full of steep shore and green countryside. Extended, long beaches encourage to bask and to go for a walk along the beach, they also offering a lot of attraction to spend time in active way. They are also offering windsurfing, seafaring, parachuting, water skies, motorboats trips, but the most popular are diving school. There are perfect conditions here. In the clear ocean water, in the depth of ocean you can see dolphins-water around Canary Island are famos from this.
Tenerife Diving

There are also wonderful coral reef, it is worth to try dive into shipwreck, underwater caves and coral underwater gardes. Unforgettable experience guarantee !! Tenerife Diving conditions are proper not only for experienced diver, but also for beginner fans of this sport. There are dozens of tenerife diving schools all over the island, where you can hire proper equipment and use ship with glassed bottom in order to go underwater near coast and admire beautiful, colourful bottom of the Ocean filled with little animals that live there. Plenty of fauna and flora in this region is really impressive. There are diffrent types of sea devils, sea tourtles, colourful, tropical fishes, sometimes you can even meet shar! Probably the most interesting underwater trip is escapade around Tenerife and Lanzarote. It is worth to see precincts of Los Gigants, where high cliffs protect against wind and high waves don’t disturb in diving. Trip to the precints of Farema, where rocky walls are coverd by coral and colony of octopuses lived there. Tenerife are also famous from sea rezerwations. It is necessary to see them! These all atractions, perfekt conditions to dive, beautiful sunny weatcher, exclusive hotels, and unforgettable landscapes guarantee a marvelous holidays for fans of this wonderful sport.